A Conversation on Cyberconsent Panel

Now than we are in the midst of a global pandemic we are relying on web-based platforms to connect with others more than ever before.

There appears to be a collective belief that the Internet provides us with a sense of anonymity. This sense of freedom is providing some individuals with the ability to share their opinions without any thought about the harms that they may be perpetuating. With little to no mechanisms for accountability many are sharing messages, writing responses and writing reactions that are rooted in oppressive and harmful attitudes and beliefs while others are feeling pressured to engage in dynamics that they never consented to.

In the context of the SFU #consentmatterssfu campaign, on September 30th 2020 from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm we invite you to join the Sexual Violence Support & Prevention Office and a panel of guests including: Dr. Wanda Cassidy, Chris Dietzel, Rebecca Pacheco, and Kristina Kabdullina for a conversation about the impacts of online gender-based violence and how we can be part of creating a safer and more nurturing online community by modeling cyberconsent.

Registration: bit.ly/cyberconsentSVSPO