Consultation Process

Lead by SFU’s Sexual Violence Support & Prevention Office (SVSPO), the review process offered us a dynamic opportunity to connect with members of the university community to learn more about their understanding of the Policy. This included a number of opportunities to provide feedback on the Policy and proposed revisions to the Policy. The review process was structured with two rounds of engagement opportunities:

  • Round 1: took place in Fall 2019 and feedback was obtained:
    • through an online survey
    • emails
    • in-person meetings with key stakeholders from the university community

In this phase, 22 representatives from key stakeholder groups participated in this portion of the review process.

  • Round 2: took place over January 2020 and feedback was received:
    • through an online survey open to all members of the university community
    • closed in-person sessions with student groups and other interested groups at the university

In this phase, feedback centered on the proposed changes stemming out of the first round of the engagement process and provided community members with an added opportunity to provide feedback on how to improve the original policy. In total, 49 individuals provided feedback.

We have gathered all the edits from both consultation rounds in one document using track changes.

GP 44 March 2020 - Track Changes (pdf)