Responding to Disclosures Workshops

For information on how to support a Survivor of sexual violence, visit our Support Survivors page.

Workshop: Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault has a profound impact on individuals and communities.   This workshop will help you provide an empathic, supportive response to someone who discloses to you and will provide you with information about referrals to available support and resources. 


  • Define sexual violence and sexual assault
  • Understand the difference between a disclosure and report
  • Your role providing a supportive response and setting boundaries
  • Information about available sexual assault supports and resources and where you can go for advice
  • Relevant information from SFU Policy GP 44 - Sexual Violence and Misconduct Prevention, Education & Support 

How to book a workshop

Workshops are tailored for specific audiences, for example, staff/ faculty, student groups, classroom presentations. Minimum time required is 1 hour (some exceptions are possible).

Contact: | 778.782.7233