It Takes All Of Us - Consent Matters

Inspired by “Humans of New York”, “It Takes All Of Us” is a photo project by the Active Bystander Network. It is a series of photos engaging the SFU community on the topics of consent, self-care, sexual violence prevention and allyship.

For the month of May, we reached out to the broader campus community to get their opinion on the following question: “What does consent look like to you during this time of social distancing?”

Here's what campus community members had to say:

"As the coronavirus spreads across the world- with more cases every day, the World Health Organization has officially declared a global pandemic. One method officials are suggesting to limit a person's risk of exposure is to practice social distancing. The goal of social distancing is to stay up to six feet away from people where droplets from coughs and sneezes are less likely to reach others. This practice is important to maintain because it can slow down the spread of the virus, and "flatten the curve".

Consent in the time of social distancing should continue to be clear and unambiguous as well as ongoing. It is important to note that consent can be removed at any time, after all, people are allowed to change their minds. The person giving the consent should also be coherent and the consent is given freely and willingly. Consent is necessary and should be taken seriously, especially during this time of social distancing."

"Consent in my opinion during the current scenario is an opportunity to provide emotional space for someone you care about. Rather than attempting to virtually connect to them all the time, allow them the mental room to understand your physical importance. It will help them to analyse how you have impacted their lives and in what way."