Reporting options

Step 1


You do not need to report sexual violence and misconduct in order to receive supports from SFU. We strongly encourage you to connect with the SVSPO to learn more about supports and services as well as reporting options.

Step 2

SFU has policies surrounding sexual violence and misconduct.  You can learn more yourself by reading policy GP-44, Sexual Violence and Misconduct Prevention, Education and Support. If you have experienced sexual harassment, you have the choice to report through policy GP-18 Human Rights Policy, GP-44 or a Collective Agreement. 

Step 3


If you believe what you have experienced violates policy GP-44 and you wish to file a report with SFU, you must first file the report with the SVSPO.

Step 4

Your report will then be forwarded onward to the appropriate individual, depending on the Respondent’s affiliation to the University. Please see the flow charts titled “Student,” “Faculty & Staff” to learn more on the continued processes.

Please connect with a member of our team to talk about your reporting options.

Support and services from the Sexual Violence Support & Prevention Office continue throughout disclosing and reporting processes and continue onward after SFU processes end.