In order to view Ratava's Line, you will need to have the Adobe Atmosphere Player installed on your machine. Please note that this player is not available on a Macintosh system... not yet anyway... please check back soon to view screen shots and videos of the event.

Click here to download the Atmosphere player for Internet Explorer.

Click here for a detailed user guide on using and navigating through worlds built in Atmosphere. Please note that many of the worlds contain many textures and sound files. This may cause pages to slow down and lag. To help prevent this, do not view the worlds in full screen, but rather resize your browser to a smaller, more narrow window opening.

Some important information: While gravity and collision can be fun, please ensure that the collision lock is on. This will ensure that you don't walk through objects and walls. Also, many objects within the space are click-able, meaning that new windows and links open up when an item is clicked on. For example, click on the models or the fashion sketches to view information about the designers and modelers.

and the most important thing... HAVE FUN

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