Transition to SFU Mail

Students and retirees were transitioned from SFU Connect to SFU Mail on August 18, 2018. Learn more about the transition and data migration process.

Step I: Get Ready

All accounts have now been transitioned to SFU Mail! Check out Steps II and III to learn more about getting started in the new system.

Step II: Get Started

For existing students and retirees:
August 18, 2018

For all staff, faculty, sponsored accounts: Get started now!

Step III: Explore More

SFU Mail offers a variety of ways to access your email, calendar, contacts, and tasks. Learn more about the options for web, desktop, and mobile application setup.

Are you new to SFU? As of Summer 2018, all new students, staff, and faculty members will already be using SFU Mail, and will not have SFU Connect accounts. Click here to find out more on how to get started in SFU Mail.

For former students/staff/faculty:
If you were formerly a student (includes Alumni), staff, or faculty member with an account that will expire after August 18, 2018, your account will be included in the transition and will stay active until its expiry date. If your account expires before August 18, 2018, your account will not be included in the transition.

What was migrated?

Due to limitations in the migration software, certain types of data and settings were not migrated from SFU Connect to SFU Mail.

Training and Information Sessions

Training and information sessions for all faculty and staff members were held by IT Services to inform and prepare users for the migration. The recordings of these sessions are available below.