April 29, 2018

SFU Mail Migration Update

This weekend, over 10,000 staff, faculty, sponsored, and resource accounts were activated, folder structures from SFU Connect to SFU Mail were replicated for each account, and migration of the initial set of data (calendar, contacts, tasks, last 30 days of messages) commenced.

However, there have been delays in migrating the initial set of data (calendar, contacts, tasks, last 30 days of messages) from SFU Connect into SFU Mail. At this time, our revised estimates for completion are as follows:

  • All calendar, contacts, and tasks are expected to be migrated by Tuesday morning (May 1st), and
  • The last 30 days of messages in each folder for all accounts is expected to be migrated by Wednesday end of day (May 2nd).

In light of these delays, we recommend all staff, faculty, and sponsored account managers to refrain from creating, modifying, or deleting calendar entries or tasks until Tuesday morning in both SFU Connect and SFU Mail. This is also applicable to those who may already have their calendar entries and tasks migrated.
Between now and Tuesday morning, you will:

  • continue receiving new messages in your SFU Mail account, accessible at https://mail.sfu.ca,
  • have access to respond to messages from your SFU Connect account (https://connect.sfu.ca) – sent messages will eventually migrate, and
  • continue referencing your SFU Connect account (https://connect.sfu.ca) for existing meetings, as your SFU Mail account may not contain the full set of data.

Should you have any questions, you may contact the following help points:

Status updates and post-transition tips will be posted on https://www.twitter.com/sfu_it.

March 2018

  • The transition strategy involving a one-time transition for staff and faculty has been confirmed. Visit the Transition to SFU Mail page for more information regarding the strategy.

January 2018

  • Pilot transition to SFU Mail with all of IT Services and select local IT volunteers was executed in January 2018.
  • Based on recent findings from the SFU Mail pilot transition, concerns regarding a limitation with the migration software affecting calendar have resulted in a revisit of the migration strategy for the rest of the SFU community. A one-time transition for staff and faculty instead of the original staged transition approach is under discussion. Details to be posted on this website as they are confirmed, and more information will be also be available in the upcoming General Information Sessions.
  • In SFU Mail, only the primary calendar reports free/busy information. No other calendars within an account will count towards a user's free/busy schedule.

December 2017