Searching Mail

Outlook Web App

This page contains keywords that you may use in SFU Mail to perform common searches within Mail module of the the Outlook Web App. Note that you can combine any of these keywords to conduct a search with more than one condition. For more searching keywords, visit the Microsoft searching page. 

Using a desktop application?

Searching for Messages by Sender

1. In the search bar in the top-left corner of the Mail module, type from: "sender name". This will retrieve any messages sent from that user.

Searching for Messages by Recipient

1. To search for a message that was sent to a specific recipient, type to: "recipient name" into the search bar. 

Searching for Messages by Subject

1. In the search bar within the Mail module, type subject: "subject name" or subject: subject name. You can use the double quotes to search for that entire phrase together, or no quotes to search for messages that have those words anywhere in the subject.

Searching for Messages by Date

1. In the search bar within your Inbox, type receieved: yesterday or received: last week or received: today, etc. To retrieve messages received on a certain day or within a certain date range.

2. To search for messages Sent on a specific day, type sent: yesterday or sent: today, etc. This will retrieve any messages sent on those days/within those date ranges.

Note that you can also search by date by typing the date in the format month/day, e.g., sent: 04/24 or received: 04/24.

Searching for Messages Containing Attachments

1. Type hasattachments:yes into the search bar to retreive any messages that have attachments.