COVID-19 impact scale

The SFU COVID-19 impact scale identifies four distinct recovery phases, extreme, high, moderate and low, that will aid in the recovery planning and implementation as the university responds to the external decisions and indicators to either loosen or tighten the operations in an orderly and coordinated way.

SFU COVID-19 impact scale levels


Teaching1 No in-person teaching
Research2 General On-Campus No on-campus research (excluding exemptions)
In-person Human Participants Research No in-person human participants research (HPR) on or off campus (excluding exemptions)
Fieldwork/Off-Campus Sites No research fieldwork or research in third- party sites (excluding exemptions)
Faculty/Staff Only employees providing in-person essential services on campus
Visitors No visitors permitted on campus.
Campus Amenities & Services Only essential on-campus services (i.e. housing, food, health services)
Meetings/Events/Programs No in-person meetings, events or programs
International Travel3
University-related international travel restrictions as per Interim Policy
Building Access/Public Areas Restricted building access, common areas and lunchrooms closed

1 - Decisions on teaching will usually apply to an entire academic term and may be made months in advance. A reduction in impact scale during an academic term may therefore not lead to any changes in teaching activities on campus.

2 - Please refer to guidance documents on Fieldwork/Third-Party Sites and HPR.

3 - All international travel and activities at all levels will need to follow Government of Canada travel advice and advisories and BC Provincial Health guidelines including isolation requirements.