Jack Lee, centrefront, pipe sergeant of the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band, is a three-time winner of the 'Bratach Gorm" - a top prize in a London piping competition.


Pipe Sergeant’s London solo scores ‘hat-trick’ prize win

November 06, 2014

Jack Lee, pipe sergeant of the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band, has won his third Bratach Gorm (meaning blue banner in Gaelic), a top prize at the 75th annual London Competition for Pipers.

His win at the elite solo piping competition, held by the Scottish Pipers Society of London, secures an invitation to one of the world’s premier piping competitions in 2015, the Glenfiddich Piping Championship. Held at Blair Castle in Perthshire, Scotland, the competition is reserved for the world’s top pipers.

Lee also secured an invitation to the 2014 Glenfiddich contest, which was held last month, after winning the Masters Invitational Solo Piping contest in Glasgow in 2013. He won the Glenfiddich championship after earlier invitations in 2012 and 2003, when he was the first North American piper to claim the prize.

“I have been fortunate to win the Bratach Gorm three times, and this one felt really great,” says Lee.

“The judges selected the piobaireachd (Gaelic word for piping) for me to play entitled "Lament for the Laird of Anapool." It’s a spectacular piece of music and to this day, I just love playing it.”

Lee’s son Andrew placed fourth in the Stachan Cup MSR (A-Grade) and third in the Donald Forbes Medal Hornpipe and Jig (A-Grade), two of a series of competitions at the same London event.

Besides his role as pipe sergeant of the SFU band and competing as a soloist, Lee also teaches piping. He has long been ranked among the world's most accomplished pipers, having won the Gold Medal, Clasp and Silver Star (twice) at Inverness, Scotland; the Gold Medal and Senior Piobaireachd at Oban, Scotland, and the Piobaireachd event at the Glenfiddich Championship, Scotland.