Fifty inspiring SFU alumni: Rebecca Holt, Robin Mansell and Sandra Carlick

December 11, 2015

As part of SFU's celebrations to mark the University's 50th Anniversary, the Office of Graduate Studies & Postdoctoral Fellows asked graduate program staff, faculty and retirees to choose the top 50 most inspiring graduate students from the more than 22,000 who have earned graduate degrees from SFU in the last five decades. 

Rebecca Holt, M.Urb. ’07, urban studies

Rebecca Holt helps cities see the big picture. A senior sustainable building advisor and researcher with a leading global design firm, she examines how our buildings, systems and ultimately our cities work. She scrutinizes everything from energy usage to public transit access patterns in her quest to identify synergies and opportunities for higher performance.

“In order to understand the social, environmental and economic impacts of the built environment, we need to be able to quantify and be accountable for our designs,” she says. “My job is to do that in a way that incorporates a multitude of perspectives.”

Robin Mansell, PhD ’84, communication

Robin Mansell is the London School of Economics’ deputy director and provost, and a professor of new media and the Internet in the Department of Media and Communications.

Her research examines media and communication technologies’ social, political and economic impact on policy and practice. She aims to uncover not only how technologies can or should be utilized, but also the hidden ways in which they exacerbate or create power imbalances in society. 

Sandra Carlick, M.Ed. ’97, education

Sandra Carlick is helping students in her community thrive at school and beyond.

Carlick is the director of education for the Metlakatla Governing Council and a proud Ts'msyen woman from the Gitwilgyoots Tribe of the Ts'msyen Nation near Prince Rupert, B.C. She completed a master of education with a focus on First Nations curriculum and design in 1997.

In her role, she provides direction for the local school system by monitoring student progress, helping manage the district’s education budget and leading parent workshops. She also promotes the Sm'algyax language’s revitalization by giving talks at community events and developing curriculum.