Ian McCarthy, a professor in SFU's Beedie School of Business, researches how organizations can improve their operations, especially when it comes to social media.


Fifty years of research and innovation at SFU: follow the (social media) leader

August 05, 2016

Ian McCarthy, a professor in SFU's Beedie School of Business, gives social media high praise for being an invaluable tool for disseminating his research and teaching to a wider audience. 

He even gives social media some of the credit for his professional success, citing it as a key resource for forging professional partnerships and for promoting the Beedie business school.

"I initially started using social media just to learn more about it," says McCarthy, who has nearly 24,000 followers, "but I quickly realized it was an effective tool for sharing my research with academics, policy makers and practioners." 

McCarthy says social media is also valuable for scanning information about events and trends that are central to his research, which focuses on discovering the factors that make for successful organizations. This includes elements such as innovation, operations, marketing, and using social media to optimally engage with colleagues and customers.