SFU brings Snowden to Queen Elizabeth Theatre

February 17, 2016

UPDATED MARCH 23: Due to overwhelming demand, SFU Public Square will live-stream the upcoming Edward Snowden lecture at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre on April 5.
Viewers can watch the discussion online and submit questions to Snowden via Twitter—including the hashtags #snowdenbigdata and #SFU—during the discussion.
The live-stream will be available on SFU Public Square’s YouTube channel.
For more information on the event, visit the event page here.

Edward Snowden will speak via web-link at Queen Elizabeth Theatre on April 5.

On April 5 SFU Public Square will bring whistleblower Edward Snowden to Vancouver via weblink for a live conversation with Metro Vancouverites about the power, promise and perils of big data.

Snowden is the exiled American intelligence contractor who in 2013 revealed to journalists the existence of secret, wide-ranging, information-gathering programs conducted by the National Security Agency (NSA). His disclosures have fuelled debates over mass surveillance, government secrecy, and the balance between national security and information privacy.

His keynote presentation at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre will be followed by a moderated discussion led by CBC senior correspondent and host Laura Lynch. During the discussion, which features expert panelists from SFU and the BC Civil Liberties Association, audience members can submit questions via Twitter using the hashtags #snowdenbigdata #SFU.

“Snowden is a transformative figure in the field of big data,” says Catherine Murray, SFU professor of communication. “No other leak before or since the Snowden papers has been of this scale with regard to the impact to global and national security, and the degree of challenges to privacy that big data may pose.”

Murray says she expects Snowden to discuss how big data practices are rapidly evolving within corporations and governments, to highlight the lack of change that has been achieved since his leaks, and to suggest actions that citizens can employ to protect their information online.

SFU Public Square is hosting the event in partnership with the SFU President’s Dream Colloquium on Big Data.

Tickets are $20.00 for adults and $10 for seniors and students, and are available from SFU’s Public Square website