University staffers enjoy special breakfast prepared by SFU Childcare Society staff.

Faculty and Staff

SFU Childcare Society hosts special ‘thank you’ breakfast for University staff

December 21, 2016

By Alexandre Pappas

The sausages were sizzling and the pancakes looked perfectly plump last week as SFU Childcare Society staff hosted their yearly 'thank you' breakfast to celebrate the work of their educators.

Homemade blackberry jam and syrup glistened next to an assortment of fruit while the aromas of fresh croissants and muffins perfectly complemented the brewing coffee and tea.

Joining the festivities this year were staffers from a number of University departments that have been particularly helpful to the society.

Jacqueline Ewonus, director of the SFU Childcare Society’s infant/toddler program, says society staff members wanted to recognize the generous assistance they had received from staff in Facilities Services, Safety and Risk Services, Meeting and Events, as well as IT Services.

“If you look at all the snow, Facilities Services has been working like mad for us to make sure our little people can get around safely,” she says.

Jacky Hughes, program director for the three-to-five-year-old programs, joined her co-workers to prepare the breakfast for University staffers.

“They keep in great contact with us,” she says. “Our children all know who they are and even call them by name. So we really appreciate having them here.”