SFU engages new communities across the Pacific

November 14, 2016

SFU staff and faculty deepened the University’s relationships in Asia Pacific last week, reaching new international agreements and meeting with overseas alumni during visits to Hong Kong, Singapore and, for the first time, Indonesia.

“By enhancing SFU's relationships overseas, we demonstrate that we are Canada’s engaged university,” said SFU President Andrew Petter. "In the process, we have paved the way for exciting new opportunities for SFU students and faculty to collaborate and innovate on the international stage."

During the trip, SFU’s delegation signed a memorandum of understanding with Fairchild Group in the area of education and mental health, and a letter of intent with Hong Kong Polytechnic University to collaborate on academic and research activities in gerontology, and applied aging studies and service.

Petter also met with Hanhai Zhiye Investment Management Group about the China Canada Commercialization Acceleration Network (C2CAN) to further cement the University’s ongoing innovation partnership. C2CAN supports the commercialization of advanced technologies originating from China and Canada and is one of the University’s signature international partnerships.

In addition to partnership building, SFU’s delegation also participated in Hong Kong’s only Terry Fox Run, which raised tens of thousands of dollars for the Terry Fox Foundation. The run was organized by SFU alumni who were inspired by Fox’s legacy while studying at the University 20 years ago.