Burnaby North Secondary School student William Shen, left, is supervised in the lab by SFU professor Carl Lowenberger.


Student finds attending high school and SFU a perfect mix

January 11, 2018

Seventeen-year-old William Shen spent most of his free afternoons last fall commuting to SFU to take Genetics 202 and Intro to Biological Research 298.

Thanks to SFU’s Concurrent Student Program, accomplished high school students like Shen, who has a GPA of 4.0 out of a possible 4.3, are able to apply to take credit courses at SFU before completing high school.  

Shen has aspirations to study medicine but he’s eager to figure out which area most intrigue him. His interests range from immunology to surgery, and he is on a single-minded hunt to find the school that best fits his needs.

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