Faculty and Staff

2017 Staff Achievement Award winners: Amanda Goldrick-Jones, Robert McAide, Ellen Yap

March 02, 2018

SFU's annual Staff Achievement Awards honour staffers' exceptional personal and work-related accomplishments that were acknowledged at an awards dinner on Feb. 27, 2018.   


Amanda Goldrick-Jones, writing services coordinator for the Student Learning Commons

Research and innovation are the hallmark of Amanda Goldrick-Jones’ work as writing services coordinator for the Student Learning Commons (SLC), which offers academic writing, learning and study strategies to students.

Whether she’s introducing new electronic client reporting, enhancing training for SLC consultants, or initiating research-based writing support projects, she is committed to implementing new innovations that streamline work in the SLC.

It’s a commitment that has earned her the 2017 Staff Achievement award for innovation.

A keen researcher, she frequently designs projects that foster her ability to further the centre’s work in new ways.

“Amanda’s dedication to continually improving and innovating the writing services offered through the SLC shines through everything she does,” says a nominator. “Her passion for writing and for instructional support services is infectious and serves as an inspiration for all those who work closely with her.”

Work Performance

Ellen Yap, department manager School of International Studies

Ellen Siew Meng Yap’s exceptional dedication to her administrative and academic advising duties in the School of International Studies has earned her a 2017 Staff Achievement Award for work performance.  

Over the past 12 years, Yap, the department manager, has become an integral part of the School for International Studies, say her nominators. Her sense of humour and conviviality make the school “a lovely and lively place to work.” And they say her exceptional dedication to students’ success is the reason for the school’s high rate of student engagement and satisfaction.

“She is one of the most conscientious, hardworking and ethical colleagues who I have had the pleasure of working with,” says a nominator. “Her work is consistently above and beyond the call of duty, and we owe her a debt of gratitude.”

Work Performance

Robert McAdie, store clerk Science Stores

For the past 45 years, Bob McAdie has worked as the receiver/shipper in Science Stores. His hard work and devotion to SFU have been recognized with a 2017 Work Performance Award.

“He is truly one of the unsung heroes in supporting science research and teaching at SFU,” says one of his nominators. “He provides a wealth of knowledge on the transportation of dangerous goods requirements for the Faculty of Science.”

Within the Faculty of Science, McAdie is well-known for his reliability, efficiency and friendliness, and for his broad interests, ranging from music to literature.

“Bob continues to go above and beyond in his work,” says one nominator. “It is hard for customers to imagine how much of their time is saved from administration.”

Says another nominator, “He cares about providing a safe work environment and deeply cares about SFU, our faculty, students and his fellow staff.”