Faculty and Staff

2017 Staff Achievement Award winners: Soo Oh, Laura Bologea, Tara Smith

March 02, 2018

SFU's annual Staff Achievement Awards honour staffers' exceptional personal and work-related accomplishments that were acknowledged at an awards dinner on Feb. 27, 2018.

Work Performance

Soo Oh, loan and equipment supervisor at Fraser Library, SFU's Surrey campus

Soo Oh is the loan and equipment supervisor for Fraser Library at SFU's Surrey campus, where his perennial willingness to embrace both challenge and change have earned him a 2017 Staff Achievement Award for Work Performance.

As a supervisor, Oh is responsible for adhering to policy and procedure, yet his nominators say he is always willing to find ways to accommodate complex requests and new ideas without sacrificing regulations.

“He is constantly flexible and eager for change, always striving to go above and beyond regular expectations,” says one nominator, who notes that Oh's can-do attitude examines how to make things happen, rather than why they shouldn't happen.

Says another nominator, “So much of the positivity and student-focused support that is the hallmark of the library is due to Soo's approach and superior work performance.”

Adds another, “Soo brings thoughtful consideration and definitive action to his position to ensure exceptional services.”

Work Performance

Laura Bologea, manager, academic and administrative services and undergraduate advisor, Department of Philosophy

Laura Bologea’s colleagues say she has perfected the art of balancing her job requirements. In her role as manager, academic and administrative services and undergraduate advisor for the Department of Philosophy, she is efficient, methodical and stringent while also being helpful, accommodating and supportive. So it’s no surprise that she is a 2017 Staff Achievement Award winner for work performance.

Bologea began working in the Department of Philosophy as manager and undergraduate advisor in 2013, and found she had to completely re-invent the department’s administrative operations.  The job, she says, has turned out to be “perfect,” giving her a glimpse into both the student and administrative aspects of the university.

“She is a marvelous administrator,” says one nominator, who praises her innovative initiatives to increase both student enrolment and the numbers of students completing departmental credentials.

“She has gone far beyond her job description to help the department solidify and expand its position in the university.”

Leadership Award

Tara Smith, manager, Academic and Admin Services, School of Engineering Science

“Efficient, outstanding, leader, role model, and supportive” are the words most often used to describe Tara Smith, manager of academic and administrative services in the School of Engineering Science.

Her penchant for taking on complicated situations, using her analytical reasoning skills to solve problems, and creating a supportive and respectful work environment are all reasons why she has received a 2017 Staff Achievement Award for Leadership.

“Tara's dedication has inspired me to put more effort into my work and perform to the best of my ability, and I believe it is the same with other staff members,” says one nominator.

Her “can do” attitude engenders positive vibes in the office and among staff.

As one nominator said, “I know that our school owes her massive gratitude, as she performs her work at a very rare and high level of efficiency, integrity and talent.”