Faculty and Staff

2017 Staff Achievement Award winners: Back On Track, AV Services

March 02, 2018

SFU's annual Staff Achievement Awards honour staffers' exceptional personal and work-related accomplishments that were acknowledged at an awards dinner on Feb. 27, 2018.

Team Achievement – Back on Track program

Student Engagement and Retention, Student Services: Annette Santos, Bernard Ryu, Brittany Day, Carley Dyer, Channdika Thayver, Keert Khanghuar, Mark Shimizu, Megan Cosens, Navdeep Grewal, Steve Birnie, Tina Jawanda, Jill Eddy, Jim Blatherwick, Jo-Anne Nadort, Jocelyn Loi, Karen Saitowitz, Marcy Adams, Penny Freno, Tony Botelho

Student Learning Commons, Library:  Dal Sohal, Ruth Silverman, Donna McGee Thompson, Darcy Wolfspirit, Cynthia Wright, Tim Mossman

Health and Counselling, Student Services:  Alisa Stanton, Beth Triano, Kion Davies, Les Reimer, Lyndsay Cotteral, Martin Mroz, Rosie Dhaliwal, Sarah Parkes, and Wayne Heslip

For the past 10 years, The Back on Track program has helped students in academic difficulty get back onto a successful academic path. The collaborative team’s successes are being recognized with a 2017 Staff Achievement Team Award.

The Back on Track team comprises staffers from Student Engagement and Retention, Career and Volunteer Services, Health and Counselling, and the Student Learning Commons. The program is now one of the largest and most established student retention programs in Canada.

The innovative and student-centered curriculum supports students’ academic, social and emotional growth. Statistics show that more than 75 per cent of students who enter the program manage to get ‘back on track.’

Says a student nominator, “The program decreased my anxiety during my progress in returning to school, and I met friends in the program and, after hearing their struggles with university, I did not feel alone in my battle.”

Says another nominator, “This team is doing amazing work for the university and our students.”


Team Achievement – AV Services

John Yang, Scott Tucker, Andrew Szendrey, Lisa Shapko, Corey Kirk, Jim McArthur, Jesse Hill, Dave Gronlie, Allan Bell, Daniel Jang, Fahim, Moussi, Fatima Araujo, Stuart Richardson, Tyler Nilsson, Lukas Holt, and David Stephenson

Connecting all the dots to ensure the university’s technology needs are met requires experience and dedication, and SFU’s AV Services team measures up. The team’s commitment is being recognized with a 2017 Staff Achievement Team award.

The AV Services team ensures audio-visual technology is integrated throughout all campuses and provides operational support for all teaching and learning and events at SFU.

“I am constantly amazed by their commitment to do whatever it takes to deliver the right audio-visual technology for the SFU community,” says one nominator.

With audio-visual technology so ubiquitous, the AV Services team is available seven days a week, and as late as 10 p.m., to go above and beyond for clients.

Says another nominator, “Knowing that AV is just a phone call away takes a huge amount of stress off when standing in front of a classroom.”

While the nature of audio-visual and event support is one of frequent changes and last-minute requests, the team always stays positive with its clients to deliver a great service.

“What stands out with the AV Services team is the inspiring dedication of the team members and their remarkable ability to collaborate in a large group to successfully deliver classroom and event technology.”