From top row left to right: Richard Evans (director general, Industrial Statistics Branch, Statistics Canada), Andrew Petter (SFU president and vice-chancellor), Dugan O’Neil (SFU’s associate vice-president, research). From bottom row left to right: Joanne Curry (SFU’s vice-president, external relations), Wesley Yung (board chair, CANSSI) and Nancy Reid (director, CANSSI).


Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute launches new national headquarters in SFU’s Big Data Hub

December 12, 2018

On Friday, December 7, 2018, the Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute (CANSSI) launched its national headquarters at SFU’s Big Data Hub. The Hub connects Simon Fraser University’s campus community and external partners to big data, broadening access to the tools, training and consulting required for using the data in teaching, research and work.

This collaboration between SFU and CANSSI creates a powerful opportunity to leverage the strengths of both institutions and to advance Canadian statistical sciences for the 21st century.

SFU President and Vice-Chancellor, Andrew Petter welcoming CANSSI to SFU.

The collaboration exemplifies SFU’s vision to be Canada’s engaged university, and to develop partnerships that  mobilize our knowledge, talent and resources for the benefit of our local and national communities.

Nancy Reid, director, CANSSI and Wesley Yung, board chair, CANSSI on how the collaboration will empower researchers across Canada.

SFU and CANSSI are committed to maximizing our collective capacities to enhance the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of society. Canada is at a pivotal moment in its efforts to harness and manage the global data revolution—and SFU and CANSSI have the expertise, the relationships, and the research capacity  to lead the way.

Richard Evans, director general, Industrial Statistics Brand of Statistics Canada.

Featured speaker Richard Evans, director general, Industrial Statistics Branch of Statistics Canada, spoke on the importance of statistics and data and echoed the importance of data as the world’s most valuable resource. His talk focused on the importance of being critical of how we harness the power of data and ensuring we are doing it in a way that benefits everyone.

Leonid Chindelevitch, SFU professor of Computing Science and CANSSI Collaborative Research Team member, speaking about drug resistant ‘superbugs’ and using statistical methods to solve this public health issue.

Statistics affects nearly every aspect of our lives—from climate change, to healthcare, to professional sports, to citizen services and more. SFU and CANSSI are not only empowering Canada’s statistical scientists—but also training the next generation of leaders—to deliver new insights that tackle the key challenges our society faces.

Dani Chu, student in SFU’s School of Computing Science and co-president of VanSASH, a student led sports analytics club.

Learn more and visit CANSSI’s national headquarters located within SFU’s Big Data Hub.

CANSSI’s new headquarters located in SFU’s Big Data Hub.


CANSSI is a not-for-profit whose mission is to advance the development, application and communication of cutting-edge statistical and data science research and training. They aim to build multi-disciplinary collaborations and to enable new linkages between statistical and data sciences and research in academia, industry and government. CANSSI is supported by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) through Canada’s network of mathematical sciences institutes.

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