Faculty and Staff

Keeping safe and secure this holiday season

December 18, 2019

As we take time off to enjoy holiday festivities with friends and family, please take the following precautionary measures to ensure everything is safe and secure at SFU for your return.

Prior to leaving campus:

  1. Lock all office doors, and make sure windows are tightly secured.
  2. Close all blinds and curtains, especially where an interior can be viewed from outside.
  3. Secure portable items such as iPads, laptops and cash boxes in locked cabinets/vaults.
  4. Take home any valuable personal items.
  5. Ensure office and cabinet keys are properly accounted for and secured.
  6. Ensure taps and faucets are turned off in rooms where they will not be in use.
  7. Check for any property issues and notify Facilities if these have potential to become a bigger concern if left unattended (ie-broken doorknobs, backed up toilets, pipe leaks).
  8. Turn off and unplug any electronic equipment where possible.

If you plan to visit campus during the closure:

Temperatures will be lowered to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Last year, SFU mitigated over 60 tonnes of CO2e, equivalent to the annual emissions of 12 households in B.C.

Anyone who intends to work at the Burnaby Campus between December 25 and January 1 (and requires heating) should contact Facilities Services before December 19th. Submit a facilities request through www.sfu.ca/fs/ or e-mail to fmserv@sfu.ca with the following information: dates, times, building name, room number, phone number of contact person.

Please note that townhouses, residences, the childcare centre and TASC 2 are not subject to temperature reductions. Any buildings on local temperature controls are encouraged to participate in the temperature set-back. Facilities Services can assist in setting this up and resetting to normal operations prior to occupancy in January.

Commuting to campus during the closure:

  1. Check the Road Report page before you head out.
  2. Some roads and walkways may not be cleared of snow or ice, so take due care when walking in icy conditions.
  3. The Campus Community Shuttle will not be running December 20th to January 6th. Safewalk will continue to be available during this time.
  4. When working alone on campus, call Campus Public Safety's Non-Emergency Line at 778.782.7991 to let them know what area you are working in and how long you anticipate being on site.
  5. If you notice any suspicious activity or individuals on campus, please contact the Campus Public Safety's Urgent Line at 778.782.4500.
  6. If you notice anything unusual with property - water pooling where it shouldn’t, ice patches, smoke – contact Campus Public Safety.
  7. As always, call 9-1-1 for any emergency situation requiring immediate response by police, ambulance or fire.

Campus Public Safety is available 24 hours a day throughout the holiday season. From everyone at Safety & Risk Services and Facilities Services, we wish you and yours a very happy and safe holiday season.