Call for nominations: Chancellor of SFU

March 06, 2020

At SFU, the chancellor’s role is to confer all degrees and represent the university within the larger community.

In June 2014, Anne Giardini was named chancellor of SFU. As her term is expiring in June 2020, the search committee is issuing a call for nominations to the Senate, Board of Governors, alumni and the university community at large.

A set of criteria for the selection of the new chancellor can be found on the search website.

Please note that nominations are confidential and should not be discussed with the nominee.

When nominating a candidate, please include the following information:

  1. The name of the individual being nominated
  2. Current position / endeavours;
  3. Contact address (if known);
  4. Statement of suitability for the position.

You are also encouraged to include other helpful information with your nomination, such as an outline of the nominee’s achievements.

Nominations should be sent in confidence to the Secretary of the Chancellor’s Selection Committee c/o the Board of Governors Office, Strand Hall, SFU, or by email to before March 18, 2020.