COVID19_Safety Ambassador Team Program (CATs) members in blue vests will provide education and friendly reminders about COVID-19 safety measures to members and visitors on all three campuses.

Community notices

SFU launches new COVID19_Safety Ambassador Team

September 10, 2020

You may come across a few new fresh faces on campus this fall, as SFU Safety & Risk Services launches the COVID19_Safety Ambassador Team to support ongoing efforts to keep the SFU community safe and informed in the face of the global pandemic.

Members of the COVID19_Safety Ambassador Team Program (CATs) will be roaming all three campuses to provide information and friendly reminders about COVID-19 safety measures. The CATs will help to create a safe and welcoming campus as we navigate this ever-evolving pandemic.

CATs will patrol common areas Monday through Friday during regular business hours. You’ll recognize them by their blue SFU Ambassadors vests. In addition to encouraging people to follow safety measures, CATs will provide directions to approved study spaces, offer information about available resources and provide guidance about accessible routes between campus locations.

CATs will also be looking into reports received via an email account,, and via the anonymous online reporting form, and will reach out to the SFU community to offer information and support to ensure everyone is aware of, and following, safety guidelines. This information, in addition to the CATs’ daily data collection, will help inform how and where the CATs can help the most.

We hope you’ll find the CATs’ helpful as SFU continues to provide a safe place for all. For more information about the COVID19_Safety Ambassador Team Program, please email