What is SFU NOW?

Don’t wait for tomorrow.

Complete your Bachelor of Arts in the evenings and on weekends

SFU NOW: Nights or Weekends is a program designed especially for mature students who wish to work towards their Bachelor of Arts degree part-time. 

If you work 30 or more hours a week, you can apply to join SFU NOW after you’ve been admitted to SFU. 

As an SFU NOW student, you can take evening and weekend courses in Vancouver and Surrey. After completing all the required courses, you’ll earn the same Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree as a full-time SFU student.


Earn a degree—or take a few university courses

You may complete a Bachelor of Arts degree entirely through SFU NOW, or take our courses to supplement another SFU program, including a certificate or post-baccalaureate diploma. As an SFU NOW student, you may enroll in any SFU undergraduate course offered online, during the day, in the evenings or on weekends.

Enroll in as many or as few courses as you like—just be sure to take at least one SFU NOW course every three semesters to maintain your SFU NOW student status and all of its benefits.

SFU NOW courses are regular university courses in several arts and science subjects, including communication, criminology, political science, sociology, English, humanities, international studies and more.


Take courses reserved for you

After you’re admitted to SFU, you’ll have access to all SFU courses, but as an SFU NOW student, you’ll enjoy an advantage in the registration process: SFU NOW courses will be reserved for you for the first three weeks of enrollment.


Enjoy the same benefits as a full-time student

SFU NOW has the same tuition, curriculum and student fees as SFU’s full-time Bachelor of Arts degree programs. You’ll learn from the same instructors and receive the same benefits as other SFU students. You’ll also graduate with the same BA.


Who is SFU NOW for?

How can it help you complete your degree? Why would a working adult want to finish a BA? Find out in this video.

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