Fall 2020

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Department Course # Course Title Course Type WQB Curriculum Requirements Days Hours Campus
ARCH 226-3 The Prehistory of Religion: Shamans, Sorcerers and Saints SFU NOW     B-Hum/Soc Tue 5:30-8:20 Remote
CMNS 331-4 News Discourse as Political Communication  Evening       Mon 5:30-8:20 Remote
CMNS 410-4 Media and Ideology Evening       Thu 5:30-9:20 Remote
CMNS 444-4 Political Economy of International Communication Evening       Mon 4:30-8:20 Remote
CMNS 445-4 Media and Popular Culture in China Evening       Wed 4:30-8:20 Remote
CRIM 104-3 Sociological Explanations of Criminal and Deviant Behavior Online     B-Soc N/A N/A Online
CRIM 210-3 Law, Youth and Young Offenders Online       N/A N/A Online
CRIM 314-3 Mental Disorder, Criminality and the Law SFU NOW       Tue 5:30-8:20 Remote
CRIM 317-3 Sex, Work, and the Law Evening       Wed 4:30-6:20 Remote
CRIM 320-3 Quantitative Research Methods in Criminology Online   Q   N/A N/A Remote
CRIM 330-3 Criminal Procedure and Evidence Online       N/A N/A Remote
EASC 104-3 Geohazards - Earth in Turmoil SFU NOW           Cancelled
ENGL 113W-3 Literature and Performance SFU NOW W   B-Hum Mon 5:30-8:20 Remote
ENGL 315-4 Studies in Seventeenth Century Non-Dramatic Literature SFU NOW     B-Hum Wed 5:30-9:20 Remote
HUM 130-3 Introduction to Religious Studies SFU NOW     B-Hum Tue 5:30-7:00 Remote
HUM 360-4 Special Topics: Great Themes in the Humanistic Tradition SFU NOW     B-Hum Thu 5:30-7:20 Remote
IS 220-3 Wealth and Poverty of Nations SFU NOW     B-Soc Mon 5:30-8:20 Remote
IS 221-3 Workers in the Global Economy: Globalization, Labour and Uneven Development SFU NOW     B-Soc Thu 5:30-8:20 Remote
IS 333-4 Chinese Development and Its Discontents Evening       Tue 5:30-9:20 Remote
LBST 201-3 Workers in the Global Economy: Globalization, Labour and Uneven Development SFU NOW     B-Soc Tue 5:30-8:20 Remote
POL 141-3 War, International Cooperation and Development SFU NOW     B-Soc Wed 5:30-6:20 Remote
POL 347-4 Canadian Foreign Policy SFU NOW       Mon 5:30-6:20 Remote
POL 210-3 Introduction to Political Philosophy SFU NOW     B-Hum/Soc Friday 5:30-6:20 Remote
POL 324-4 The Canadian Constitution SFU NOW       Tue 5:30-6:20 Remote
PSYC 250-3 Introduction to Developmental Psychology SFU NOW       Wed 5:30-8:20 Remote
PSYC 363-3 Intergroup Relations SFU NOW       Thu 5:30-8:20 Remote
SA 255-4 Introduction to Social Research (SA) SFU NOW   Q   Fri 5:30-9:20 Remote
SA 300-4 Canadian Social Structure (S) SFU NOW       Mon 5:30-9:20 Remote
SA 315-4  New Information Technology and Society (SA) SFU NOW       Thu 5:30-9:20 Remote
SA 316-4 Tourism and Social Policy (S) SFU NOW       Tue 5:30-9:20 Remote
SA 331-4 Politics of the Family (S) SFU NOW       Wed 5:30-9:20 Remote
STAT 203-3 Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences SFU NOW   Q   Thu 5:30-8:20 Remote