FASS Courses for Fall 2021

To learn more about each course, please visit the Academic Calendar.
SFU NOW students may enroll in any SFU course (e.g. online or daytime courses).
For courses outside the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), please contact the relevant Faculty for information.

The following FASS courses have some seats reserved for SFU Now students during the first three weeks of enrolment:

Course Section Course Title Location Days Times
CRIM 103 C100 Psychological Explanations of Criminal and Deviant Behavior Distance Education    
CRIM 241 OL01 Introduction to Corrections Distance Education    
CRIM 321 C100 Qualitative Research Methods Distance Education    
CRIM 335 OL01 Human Rights Distance Education    
CRIM 414 E900 Special Topics in Criminology Surrey Mon 4:30-7:20
    ST: TBA      
CRIM 453 C100 Policing Illegal Drug Markets Distance Education    
GSWS 320 E100 Special Topics in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Vancouver Fri 4:30-8:20
    ST: Global Trans Studies      
GSWS 321 E100 Special Topics in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Burnaby Tue 4:30-8:20
    ST: Introduction to Porn Studies      
HUM 302W  D100 Athenian Democracy Burnaby Wed 4:30-8:20
HUM 305 D100 Medieval Studies Burnaby Thu 4:30-8:20
HUM 309 D100 Literature and the Arts Across Cultures Burnaby Mon 4:30-8:20
HUM 331 D100 Special Topics Asian Religious Traditions Vancouver Fri 4:30-8:20
    ST: Buddhism      
HUM 340 E100 Great Cities in their Time Remote Tue 5:30-9:20
HUM 350 D100 Special Topics: Great Figures in the Humanistic Tradition Remote TBA TBA
    ST: From the Peloponnesian War to Conflict in the Crimea:       
    Thucydides and his Legacy      
HUM 360 D100 Special Topics: Great Themes in the Humanistic Tradition Vancouver Thu 5:30-9:20
    ST: Fascism      
IS 221 E100 Workers in the Global Economy Remote Thu 5:30-8:20
IS 333 E100 Chinese Development and Its Discontents Vancouver Tue 5:30-9:20
LBST 101 OL01 Introduction to Labour Studies Distance Education    
LBST 201 E100 Workers in the Global Economy Remote Thu 5:30-8:20
LBST 313 E100 Canadian Labour Law Burnaby Mon 5:30-8:20
PHIL 300 E100 Introduction to Philosophy Remote Mon 5:30-8:20
PSYC 106 D100 Psychological Issues in Contemporary Society Burnaby Thu 4:30-7:20
PSYC 201W C100 Introduction to Research Methods Distance Education    
PSYC 241 OL01 Abnormal Psychology Distance Education    
PSYC 280 C100 Introduction to Biological Psychology Distance Education    
PSYC 362 C100 Close Relationships Distance Education    
SA 101 OL01 Introduction to Anthropology Distance Education    
SA 150 OL01 Introduction to Sociology Distance Education    
SA 200W OL01 Canadian Society Distance Education    
SA 316 C100 Tourism and Social Policy Distance Education    
SA 335 OL01 Gender Relations and Social Issues Distance Education    
SA 345 OL01 Race, Immigration and the Canadian State Distance Education    
SA 356W E100 Ethnography and Qualitative Methods Vancouver Thu 5:30-9:20
SA 359  D100 Special Topics in Anthropology Burnaby Wed 4:30-8:20
    ST: Ethnographic Storytelling      
SA 420 C100 Sociology of Aging Distance Education    
SA 442 E100 Applying the Sociological Imagination  Burnaby Tue 4:30-8:20