Spring 2021 Courses

To learn more about each course, please visit the Academic Calendar.
SFU NOW students may enroll in any SFU course (e.g. online or daytime courses).
For courses outside the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), please contact the relevant Faculty for information.

Please click here for a list of Spring 2021 courses with in-person requirements.

The following FASS courses have some seats reserved for SFU Now students during the first three weeks of enrolment:

Department Course Section Course Title
CRIM 230 OL01 Criminal Law
CRIM 318 E900 Special Topics in Criminology
      ST: Aquatic Death Investigation
CRIM 380 C100 Introduction to Cybercrime
CRIM 438 J100 Wrongful Convictions and Other Miscarriages of Justice
CRIM 455 E900 Advanced Issues in Policing
ENGL 201 E100 Medieval Literature
ENGL 311 E100 Early Shakespeare
ENGL 357 E100 Studies in Canadian Literature since 1920
FREN 120 E100 French for Beginners
FREN 120 E200 French for Beginners
FREN 120 OL01 French for Beginners
FREN 121 OL01 Introductory French I
GSWS 306 D100 Gender, Sexuality, and Autobiographical Media
GSWS 315 E100 Critical Disability Studies
GSWS 319 D100 Special Topics in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies
      ST: Race and Sexuality
GSWS 320 E100 Special Topics in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies
      ST: Reproductive Justice and Rights
HUM 320 J100 Cross-Cultural Philosophy in the Humanities
HUM 350 J100 Special Topics: Great Figures in the Humanistic Tradition
      ST: Sigmund Freud and Jacques Lacan
LBST 309 E100 Labour and Collective Bargaining
PHIL 300 E100 Introduction to Philosophy
POL 100 J100 Introduction to Politics and Government
POL 200W J100 Investigating Politics: Research Design and Qualitative Methods
POL 315 J100 Intermediate Quantitative Methods
POL  325 J100 Language and Politics
PSYC 355 J100 Adolescent Development
SA 150 J100 Introduction to Sociology
SA 200W OL01 Power, Conflict and Change in Canadian Society
SA 302W J100 Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism
SA 321 J100 Social Movements
SA 325 J100 Political Sociology