Summer 2019

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Department Course # Course Title Course Type WQB Curriculum Requirements Days Hours Campus
CMNS 110-3 Introduction to Communication Studies SFU NOW     B-Soc Mon 5:30-9:20 Van
CMNS 130-3 Communication and Social Change SFU NOW       Sat 9:30-12:20 Van
CMNS 310-4 Media and Modernity SFU NOW       TBD 5:30-9:20 Van
CMNS 323W-4 Cultural Dimensions in Advertising SFU NOW W     TBD 5:30-9:20 Van
CRIM 203-3 Historical Reactions to Crime and Deviance SFU NOW       Mon 5:30-8:20 Van
CRIM 220-3 Research Methods in Criminology SFU NOW   Q   Thu 5:30-8:20 Sur
CRIM 302-3 Critical Approaches to Crime and Deviance SFU NOW       Wed 5:30-8:20 Van
CRIM 310-3 Young Offenders and Criminal Justice: Advanced Topics SFU NOW       Tue 5:30-8:20 Van
ENGL 207-3 Twentieth Century Literatures in English SFU NOW     B-Hum Tue 5:30-8:20 Van
ENGL 306-4 Chaucer SFU NOW       Mon 5:30-9:20 Sur
ENV 320W-3 Ethics and the Environment SFU NOW W     Sat 12:30-3:20 Van
GSWS 316-4 Disciplining Sex: Feminist Science Studies and Sociobiology SFU NOW     B-Hum/Soc/Sci Fri 5:30-9:20 Van
HUM 101W-3 Introduction to the Humanities SFU NOW W   B-Hum Tue 5:30-8:20 Van
HUM 320-4 The Humanities and Philosophy SFU NOW     B-Hum Wed 5:30-9:20 Van
IS 200-3 Security and Global Governance: Interdisciplinary Perspectives SFU NOW     B-Hum/Soc Wed 5:30-8:20 Van
LING 160-4 Language, Culture and Society SFU NOW     B-Soc Thu 5:30-8:20 Van
PHIL 300-3 Introduction to Philosophy SFU NOW     B-Hum Tue 5:30-8:20 Van
POL 221-3 Introduction to Canadian Government SFU NOW       Tue 5:30-8:20 Van
POL 319-4 Selected Topics in Political Theory SFU NOW       Thu 5:30-9:20 Van
POL 350-4 Public Policy for Women SFU NOW       Wed 5:30-9:20 Van
PSYC 109W-3 Brain, Mind and Society SFU NOW W     Mon 5:30-8:20 Van
PSYC 201W-4 Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology SFU NOW W Q   Thu 5:30-9:20 Van
SA 250-4 Introduction to Sociological Theory SFU NOW       Tue 5:30-9:20 Sur
SA 326-4 Ecology and Social Thought SFU NOW       Thu 5:30-9:20 Van
SA 353-4 Sociology of Sport SFU NOW       Wed 5:30-9:20 Van
SA 355-4 Quantitative Methods SFU NOW   Q   Mon 5:30-9:20 Van
SCI 300-3 Science and its Impact on Society SFU NOW     B-Sci Wed 5:30-9:20 Van