Plan your BA degree

Choose your Bachelor of Arts major and/or minor

SFU NOW offers part-time university courses in communication, criminology, English, humanities, international studies, political science, sociology, history, geography, psychology, economics, philosophy, computer science and earth sciences. You can discuss graduation requirements with an undergraduate advisor after you are admitted.

If you’re studying part-time and wish to complete your bachelor’s degree entirely through SFU NOW, you may choose from the following majors and minors:


Note: You may complete a BA with a double minor rather than a major if you wish.

  • Communication
  • Criminology
  • English
  • Humanities
  • International studies

  • Political science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology


  • Communication
  • Criminology
  • Political science
  • Sociology

To find more information about a specific major or minor, please visit the SFU Calendar.

Create your part-time degree schedule

SFU NOW is designed to help working adults attend university part-time. All of our night and weekend courses, to which you’ll have reserved access, take place in Vancouver and Surrey. If your schedule allows, in addition to our evening and weekend courses, you’re also welcome to take daytime, online or distance courses.

As an SFU NOW student, you may take as many or as few courses per semester as you wish—just be sure to take at least one evening or weekend course every three semesters to maintain your standing as an SFU NOW student.

Course requirements and prerequisites

Complete 120–132 credits

To earn a Bachelor of Arts degree, complete 120 credits. The specific courses you need to take will depend on which major and/or minor you are pursuing. If you decide to pursue an undergraduate honours degree, you’ll need 132 credits.

Undergraduate courses range in level from 100 to 400. Lower-division courses are first- and second-year courses (levels 100 and 200). Upper-division courses are third- and fourth-year courses (levels 300 and 400).

For more information on what courses are required for your major, look at the SFU Calendar.

Prerequisites and SFU’s WQB requirements

Keep in mind that many SFU courses have prerequisites, or courses you need to complete before enrolling. Lower-level courses are often prerequisites for higher-level courses. Some courses require you to complete a minimum number of credit hours first. Other offerings are restricted to specific groups of students, such as those who have already declared their major or minor in a particular subject.

As of September 2006, all students completing a bachelor’s degree at SFU must take a minimum number of courses designated to meet writing (W), quantitative (Q) and breadth (B) requirements.

You need a grade average of C (GPA of 2.0) or better to meet SFU’s curriculum requirements.

Choose courses reserved for SFU NOW students

To help you earn your university degree part-time while working, we offer SFU NOW students reserved registration: This means that for the first three weeks of the enrollment period, SFU NOW courses are reserved for SFU NOW students. For example, if registration begins on August 15, only SFU NOW students may enroll in SFU NOW courses between August 15 and September 5. If there are seats available in SFU NOW courses after this three-week period, enrollment will open to all SFU students.

Remember, you’ll still need to wait for your enrollment date to register for courses. Your enrollment date may fall anytime within the three-week period of reserved access—so be sure to register as soon as you receive your appointment. SFU NOW courses fill quickly after reserved enrollment ends.

Transfer courses from another college or university

Visit our Transfer Credit page for details on transferring courses you’ve taken at other institutions to SFU.