Transfer credit

You’re closer than you think.

Transfer credits from another institution—even a college

Many adults who apply or reapply to SFU have taken courses at another university or college, including international institutions. Some of these course credits may transfer to SFU, allowing you to complete your degree even sooner.


Which courses will transfer?

Whether a course you’ve taken will transfer to SFU typically depends on whether SFU offers a similar or parallel course and on your grade. Usually, we cannot give credit for something SFU doesn’t already offer, but general transfer credit may be available for some programs.

If a course is transferable, you need a passing grade (D or 50 percent) for it to transfer to an SFU program.

SFU’s admissions team will carefully assess your transcript for transferable courses after you apply. In the meantime, you can check the B.C. Transfer Guide, which lists all transferable courses from institutions in B.C., including their SFU equivalents.

If you’re a working adult who qualifies for the SFU NOW: Nights or Weekends program, you may also contact us with your transfer credit questions.

Once you’re an SFU NOW student, we will assign you an undergraduate advisor to help you with transfer credit.