Tuition, fees and scholarships

SFU application fee

You'll need to pay a non-refundable $78 application fee each time you apply for admission or readmission to SFU. The admissions team cannot process your application until you have paid this fee.

The preferred method of payment for application fees is credit card. You can use your credit card online by logging in to SIS with your user ID and password.

Admission deposit for new students

To confirm your acceptance of SFU's offer of admission, new students must pay a non-refundable admission deposit of $250 Canadian students; $750 for International students. We will apply this fee to the cost of your tuition.

You must pay your admission deposit by the deadline specified in your offer of admission letter. To pay in SIS, click on Make a Payment under Finances in your Student Center. We prefer that you pay your admissions deposit by credit card.

Course tuition and student fees

Because SFU NOW courses are regular SFU undergraduate courses, tuition and ancillary fees are the same. Visit SFU Undergraduate Fees for detailed information.

Pay your tuition fees in SIS by clicking on Make a Payment under Finances in your Student Center.

Payment methods

You may pay your SFU tuition fees by any of the following methods (note that we cannot accept credit cards for tuition payments):

  • Through online or telephone banking
  • In person at SFU campuses (cheque, money order or debit card)
  • By mail (cheque or money order)

Note: Always provide your SFU student number with financial transactions. Your student number is the only account reference the university uses.

If you are paying by cheque, please make it payable to Simon Fraser University and print your SFU student number clearly on the memo line. Please allow five working days for a cheque payment to be processed. There is a $30 administrative handling fee for all returned (NSF) cheques.

Your student account

All of your account information is available in SIS in your Student Center, under Finances > Account Summary.

A change to any part of your enrollment will affect your student account balance. SFU’s computer system recalculates your fees as you add, drop or make other changes to your schedule. This new balance is calculated within several business hours and will be available the next day.

Please make sure you look at your student account after you have enrolled and/or made any class changes, and check your account balance before paying your fees. 

You can see the tuition refund policy on the Fees policies page

Visit the Student Tutorials page for an Account Inquiry video. For comprehensive information on how to check your account, visit SFU’s Campus Finances page.

Penalty on outstanding tuition and fees

You must pay your fees in full by the due date for each semester—usually the second Friday of the semester.

Refunds for overpayment

If you have overpaid, you must submit a refund request form to Student Accounts in Student Services. Visit SFU’s student refunds page for the refund request form.

Income-tax receipts

T2202A and T4A forms for claiming tuition and funding on your income-tax return are available through SIS under Campus Finances in Self Service, or under Finances in your Student Center.