University services for SFU NOW students

Medical and dental insurance

If you are registered for three or more credits during a semester, you are automatically enrolled in the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) health and dental plan for a fee. To opt out of the plan or enroll other family members, you must complete a change-of-coverage form.

Fees, dates and other details are available on the Simon Fraser Student Society site. Change-of-coverage forms are available at

Please note that the SFSS health and dental plan does not replace basic medical coverage; you must maintain B.C. Medical Services Plan (BC MSP) coverage while attending SFU. Basic medical services provided at SFU are covered by BC MSP. If you do not have BC MSP, you must pay for services at the time of your appointment. Temporary coverage may apply to students insured under other provincial medical plans.

To be eligible to use the extended health coverage provided through your student plan, you must have provincial health coverage or the equivalent.