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Climate Justice & Inequality

A Below the Radar Series

In the midst of recent heat domes, mass droughts, seasonal floods, and raging wildfires in BC and across the world, Below the Radar host Am Johal sits down with influential guests from the climate justice movement. This series features conversations that range from how systems of power consistently undermine climate action through policy, to how climate justice is intrinsically linked to issues of colonization and racial injustice.

Living in this quickly accelerating climate emergency can often leave us feeling powerless to make substantial change. In this series, we will pinpoint the levers of change and highlight what collective action needs to take place — and what is already in motion. 

Tune in to learn what projects are being undertaken to both mitigate climate change and address systemic inequality, and perhaps inspire yourself to take action alongside the climate justice movement and Indigenous communities fighting for a greener, more equitable world.

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Decolonizing Climate Justice — with Khelsilem

Squamish Nation Councillor and community leader Khelsilem joins Am Johal on this first episode of Below the Radar’s Climate Justice & Inequality series. In this episode, they discuss the climate crisis as a result of the colonial project, how climate change hits hardest for those already at a disadvantage, and the spaces where colonialism has existed within climate movements.

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Centring Justice in the Climate Emergency — with Anjali Appadurai

Community leader and climate justice activist Anjali Appadurai joins Am Johal to talk about the growth of the climate movement, and shifting the focus from being ‘green’ to centring justice for all in the fight against climate change. They speak about lifting up the youth and Indigenous leaders at the forefront of the struggle, as well as how to get involved and make the movement accessible to all.

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The Future of Canadian Climate Policy — with Marc Lee

Co-Director of the Climate Justice Project at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, and senior economist, Marc Lee, joins Am Johal to discuss the successes and failures of Canadian climate policies across the political spectrum. Marc speaks about the origins of the Climate Justice Project, and conceptualizes how reaching a net-zero carbon economy can be achieved — through a fundamental restructuring of Canadian and BC systems, and the implementation of decolonizing practices.

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Environmental Law and the Politics of Extraction — with Eugene Kung

Environmental lawyer Eugene Kung joins Below the Radar’s Climate Justice & Inequality series to discuss pipeline politics in BC and the role of law in fighting the climate crisis. Eugene shares about how law has been wielded as a mechanism for enacting colonialism, and the various ways it can instead be a tool for effecting major change and upholding human rights.

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Land Defense and the Climate Emergency — with Grand Chief Stewart Phillip

Wrapping up our series on Climate Justice and Inequality, Grand Chief Stewart Phillip joins Below the Radar to talk about his history of activism as a lifelong advocate for Indigenous Peoples’ Title and Rights. He and Am speak about his role in historical battles for Indigenous land rights over the decades, and the future of land defense.

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