SIAT Awarded Two Best Paper Honourable Mentions at DIS 2016


The Papers

June 14, 2016

Presented to the top five per cent of submissions, SIAT has received two Best Paper Honourable Mention Awards

—at Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) 2016: the premier international arena for debating and shaping the future of interactive design and practice.

Check out the award-winning papers: 

Behind the Lens: A Visual Exploration of Epistemological Commitments in HCI Research on the Home

Written by Audrey Desjardins, Ron Wakkary, and William Odom

“In this pictorial, we have visually explored 121 works in human-computer interaction research for the home. Based on the visual elements of these works, we have proposed seven types of observers and two complementary observers for future research on domestic experience.”

Key Points:

  • Researchers may have not been fully aware of the power of their choice of images, the framing they applied, the treatment they gave, or the ways they collected the images
  • We hope our pictorial will invite researchers to question the position they are taking—to be more self aware of the visual decisions they make—when conducting HCI research on the home and beyond

The Frustrations and Benefits of Mobile Device Usage in the Home when Co-Present with Family Members

Written by Erick Oduor, Carman Neustaedter, William Odom, Anthony Tang, Niala Moallem, Melanie Tory, and Pourang Irani

“Mobile devices have begun to raise questions around the potential for overuse when in the presence of family or friends. As such, we conducted a diary and interview study to understand how people use mobile devices in the presence of others at home, and how this shapes their behavior and household dynamics.”

Key Findings:

  • People often became frustrated with their family members for using personal mobile devices in their presence
  • Family members lacked awareness of one’s actual device usage
  • Mobile device software might be designed differently to help support alternate behaviors by family members that may reduce social tensions

Congratulations to our awesome SIAT contributors for advancing the future of interactive design and practice at DIS 2016!

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