Leadership and Agile Production Management

Iterative development has become more commonplace in many software and technology companies. The biggest obstacle for successful iterative development is understanding the role of management and leadership on adaptive pipelines. In order to succeed as a project manager, scrum master, producer, project coordinator, or team leader in a digital media and/or technology environment, individuals must be able to lead teams to efficiency and effectiveness.

This non-credit microcredential will equip students with a broad understanding of management and leadership through agile and hybrid methodologies (watergile). Students will develop essential skills (principles, concepts, tools, and techniques) for people management while exploring leadership management practices and tools. Further, the industry has seen a significant shift in “how we work” and this course will address remote/hybrid work models.

What to Expect

Upon completion of this non-credit course students will be able to:

  • Develop greater confidence in defining, planning, and managing projects in remote/hybrid work
  • Identify and explore personal leadership styles and professional etiquette
  • Critically analyze and discuss project management and “effective” leadership management
  • Build, motivate, align, and lead/coach/mentor high performing project teams
  • Analyze and critique digital management tools

Format of the Course

The non-credit course will run for 6 weeks with scheduled 2-hour sessions weekly online (through Zoom). We will be using a flipped classroom model where students will complete pre-readings/videos/lectures/etc., and come prepared to participate in activities and presentations. It is expected that students will work on their assignments outside of class time. Each week students will be assigned required readings which will be posted on Canvas (SFU's student portal).

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Who Should Take This Course?

Individuals who want an introduction to project leadership roles and practices, particularly those who work in a hybrid space, and who have limited or no experience leading teams in professional settings.

No academic prerequisites are required.

How to Apply

Tuition & Fees

$800 (CAD) + GST

About the Instructor

Dr. Rachel Ralph (BA, BEd, MET, PhD) is a faculty member in the Master of Digital Media program who has been an educator for over fifteen years and has worked as a digital media and curriculum consultant. As a certified Scrum Master® and Certified Agile Leader (CAL1), Rachel guides others through agile methodologies. She embodies the role of agile leadership practices while maintaining the Kanban board in her office. Not only does she encourage students to "go all in" and live agile lifestyles, she also strives to find that balance between agile and waterfall (or the hybrid 'watergile'), while maintaining good team practices and team leadership.

Participating Organizations/Institutions

If you have questions about this course, please contact:

Contact: Dr. Rachel Ralph
Email: Rachel_Ralph@thecdm.ca

Registration deadline: May 10, 2022