Undergraduate Studies


Looking for a degree that combines computing, media and design?

The School of Interactive Arts + Technology (SIAT), located on the SFU Surrey Campus, teaches students about the importance of intersections between programming, media arts, user experience theory, and design.

The SIAT program allows you to expand the breadth of your existing creative and innovative inclinations. Work alongside our community of programmers, media and digital artists, and designers.

SIAT engages students by encouraging collaboration and exposure to industry work. Our students are urged to take advantage of our co-operative education program and other industry opportunities in their area of choosing. These experiences allow students to begin building a portfolio and understanding professional standards. By combining academic rigor in the classroom and experiential learning opportunities, our students develop a foundation of marketable skills that make them desirable in the workplace.

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There are a lot of things about the SIAT learning environment that are a bit different than if you got a degree from just about any other department at SFU. Some students coming from secondary school or other departments can be a bit surprised about how things work here, but reading this should give you a better idea of what to expect from our program.

You can get an idea of your what your coursework will include by looking at the degree planning and program concentrations pages. If you're looking for information on graduate studies, head over to our graduate degree programs page.

How SIAT is different


SIAT is a community

All SIAT courses are taught on the SFU Surrey campus, so starting first year, you're going to be seeing the same people around all the time. When you're working in the studios, there will be other people around you either working on the same thing, or who have previously worked on what you're doing. There is always somebody around who you can bounce ideas off of, or for help if you're having a tough time. This is a pretty unique thing to have at a research institution, so take advantage of it. Make some friends, people know what you're going through.

You're going to do a lot of projects

Projects give you an opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge presented in your lectures. Project work also ensures that you learn how to use the physical and digital tools available to you to create something tangible that you can potentially include in your portfolio. Across your degree about half of your work will be projects, and half will be individual assessment, so while it's important to do well in projects, don't forget how to take exams.

Most courses have a lecture and a lab/studio component

Lab/studio sections are an important part of the project based learning environment because they allow you to get regular feedback on your work. Lectures and labs meet weekly, with lectures generally earlier in the week, followed by a lab that supports the content presented in lecture.

SIAT is what you make it

SIAT is a very broad department, and there are a lot of different directions you can take your degree. To facilitate your own decision-making process, SIAT coursework is structured to help you figure out how exactly how you want to specialize your degree. Your first year is a very high level overview of the different program offerings, from interactive systems to design to media arts. Your second year builds on your first year coursework, covering topics in greater detail and providing you with a solid foundation of skills which will allow you to excel in any of the program areas. In your third and subsequent years, you can start working on concentration specific coursework, and pursuing exactly what it is that interests you. There are also many opportunities available to supplement your coursework. SIAT has a very robust co-op offering with numerous positions available in BC, as well as the rest of Canada and internationally. SIAT has exchange agreements in place with various universities around the world, as well as international field schools.

Do you like technology?

We work with some of the most advanced technology and software available today to make sure you're creating interesting, innovative, and exciting projects that will be relevant when you're in the workplace.

Are you passionate about your future?

Getting the grade is not enough in SIAT. When future employers are looking at you, they want to see your work, they want to see a portfolio. If you're just trying to get a C, you're not going to have a good portfolio, and you're not going to get a job. You're going to have to put in hours beyond the grade to perfect your work and your craft.

To try and better prepare you for the workplace after graduation, SIAT has several programs in place to set you apart from the pack. Our co-op program gives you paid relevant work experience in your fieild prior to graduation. Our exchange program allows you to take coursework relevant to your interests from professors with a different perspective in a foreign country. Our field school program is a once in a lifetime experiential learning experience in the field in europe.

If you're passionate about what you do here at SIAT, you have a bright future doing some amazing things.