SIAT Programming Support Drop-In Sessions

We have heard from many SIAT students that programming is one of the more difficult areas of study to manage in online courses. 

In response, we are introducing online programming support drop-in sessions, in which you can get programming help from Jeff Ens, a SIAT PhD student and regular TA for IAT courses.

The sessions will run:

Mondays 2-4pm 
Wednesdays 5-7pm
Fridays 10am-12pm

You can join the sessions by joining Jeff's Zoom room at the above times:

We have tried to stagger the times so at least one session a week will be accessible for our students currently in other time zones.

You do not have to prebook to attend—you just need to be an SIAT student and/or enrolled in one or more IAT courses in the current term. 

We are planning to run this drop-in for the rest of the Spring 2021 term and Summer 2021 term.

Intro and Bio from Jeff:

"Hi, I'm Jeff, and I am here to answer your programming related questions. These may include (but are certainly not limited to!) discussions on theoretical concepts in computer science, assistance debugging a specific piece of code, algorithmic analysis, and practical tips on writing better code. No computing languages are off-limits, however, I am most familiar with C/C++, Python, Java, Processing and Lisp."

Jeff is an IAT PhD candidate whose research focuses on applying state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to develop interactive generative systems that allow for humans and computers to compose music together. Some of his latest work can be found here ( More generally, he enjoys bikes, the outdoors, and teaching others to code.