Degree Programs

The School of Interactive Arts + Technology offers a number of undergraduate degree programs that you can explore below. For more information about degree programs offered at Simon Fraser University please visit the Undergraduate Academic Calendar.

Students completing a SIAT undergraduate or joint program (not a minor) may also choose to complete a concentration. Information on these concentrations can be found in the associated checklist, or on the program concentrations page.

SIAT Undergraduate Programs

SIAT Major

All SIAT students complete a common set of first and second year courses. In third and fourth year, students may choose to complete one (or more) concentration(s) in Interactive Systems, Design, or Media Arts. Alternatively, students may explore courses across the concentrations and graduate with no concentration. Students may choose to complete a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc).

Honours BA/BSc in Interactive Arts + Technology

An honours degree combines a standard major with an Honours project. This provides our top students with the opportunity to work closely with their faculty members on a significant year long research project in an area of mutual interest and can be especially helpful for those preparing for graduate school in the future.

SIAT Joint Programs


This program allows students to learn about human-centered design of technological systems, while also learning communication principles. If students really want to be the glue that holds teams together, this is the program for you. 


This program offers students an opportunity to learn about human-centered systems and technology, combined with business knowledge. It’s graduates will be well prepared for leadership positions in industry with a strong understanding of how to deploy design processes in larger managerial and technological contexts as well as identifying market opportunities and getting funding.

SIAT Minor

A minor program complements your SFU degree in another field. The minor in Interactive Arts + Technology consists of 8 or more courses (At least 3 lower level, and at least 5 upper level).