TechTeams is our first year mentorship program and an integral part of helping students transition in to SIAT. Our mentors, with the support of our academic advising team, provides first year students with the opportunity to participate in the university community by offering weekly workshops that cover different aspects of university life such as:

·       What to expect in your first year

·       Information about co-op

·       Insights from senior students

·       Learning about campus resources

·       Help with course planning

TechTeams offers a relaxing and fun environment and is an opportunity to meet fellow students.We look forward to seeing you there.

Meet your TechTeams mentors starting in Fall 2019

Your TechTeams Leaders in Fall 2019
Your TechTeams Leaders in Fall 2019
Your TechTeams Leaders in Fall 2019


Transiting into university was overwhelming when I was in first year. But, by going to TechTeams meetings, I was able to connect with other fellow SIAT students, figure out my courses, and find out different event/club opportunities. Plus, since I push myself out of my comfort zone by becoming a Visual Communications Coordinator for SMA and a Visual Designer for the IATSU Film Festival, I was able to learn from my members, figure out my weakness, and grow my skills. I still have a lot to learn but I’m excited to share my experiences and connect with you. Fun fact about me is that I am half Chinese and half Vietnamese but I had lived in 5 countries: America, Australia, Vietnam, France, and Canada. 


Hey Y’all, I'm Amena and will be your Tech Team Leader in the fall! I decided to join the team because I wanted to get to know all you first years, and pass down the trips and tricks I have learned in my first year. I went into SIAT quite blindly, with no graphic design or programming background, however I quickly fell in love with everything we were learning and ended up in a program that was perfect for me. Personally, I love to hermit at home and sew, read, or as of recent obsessively play Pokemon, despite being a complete homebody I have quite a loud personality. Anywho, I’m super excited and can't wait to meet all of y’all in the fall!



Hello! My name is Carissa and I am a second year SIAT student. With an interest in design since high school, I am currently pursuing a path that gives me the opportunity to explore and challenge my creative abilities. I am excited to be one of the TechTeams leaders this year as well as meeting all the new students in the fall. Aside from school, I can be found listening to music, dancing, and sipping on milk tea. I look forward to making TechTeams enjoyable and informative to help make the transition into both SIAT and university better for the first year students!


Knock knock, who's there you may ask? I'm Johanna and I'll be one of your TechTeams leaders in the fall! I've always been the techy/design/arts kid so naturally decided to pursue a degree in it. I'm hoping to become a product designer or even an architect. I like to call myself a designer with a social conscience, and hopefully one day be able to use my skills to further the greater good- starting with bestowing my knowledge of SIAT onto you, incoming first years, because I know how confusing it can be transitioning into University. I like cycling, indie surfer rock, and long walks BESIDE the beach. Because why torture yourself walking through sand.