TechTeams is our first year mentorship program and an integral part of helping students transition in to SIAT. Our mentors, with the support of our academic advising team, provides first year students with the opportunity to participate in the university community by offering weekly workshops that cover different aspects of university life such as:

  • What to expect in your first year
  • Information about co-op
  • Insights from senior students
  • Learning about campus resources
  • Help with course planning

TechTeams offers a relaxing and fun environment and is an opportunity to meet fellow students. We look forward to seeing you there.

Meet your TechTeams mentors for Spring 2021


Transiting into university was overwhelming when I was in first year. But, by going to TechTeams meetings, I was able to connect with other fellow SIAT students, figure out my courses, and find out different event/club opportunities. Plus, since I pushed myself out of my comfort zone by taking on several freelancing positions and graphic designer club positions, I was able to learn from my members, figure out my weakness, and grow my skills. I still have a lot to learn but I’m excited to share my experiences and connect with you. Fun fact about me is that I am half Chinese and half Vietnamese but I have lived in 5 countries: America, Australia, Vietnam, France, and Canada.



Hey y’all my name is Amena (pronounced am-na, the ‘e’ is just decorative), I am a third year SIAT student and will be your TechTeams Leader for this upcoming year. I was a TechTeams leader last year too and really enjoyed getting to know everyone so I’m excited to meet you all! I came into this program knowing absolutely zero, so I really enjoy being able to pass on all the wisdom I have gained. A little about me I also am the IAT Student Union’s Director of Event and I love reading, watching tv (especially cartoons and anime), Big Time Rush, and playing Pokemon Go.



Hi everyone! My name is Firm and I am a second-year SIAT student and also your TechTeam leader! I am an international student from Thailand and moved here in high school. I am always passionate to help you guys transition into this new environment, and especially with this new condition that we have to work with. I am very excited to meet every one of you and learn more about your interests! I always love drawing and painting, but I want to learn more about graphic design. Fun fact about me, I am also a Youtube creator (a few of you guys found me through Youtube, surprisingly).

TechTeams Spring 2021 Schedule

Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 650 4016 3677
Password: 596022

Date Time Topic
Monday, February 8, 2021              12:30-1:30pm "Surviving" Upper Year SIAT Classes
Monday, March 8, 2021 12:30-1:30pm Creative Collective