Social Data Analytics Minor

The Social Data Analytics (SDA) Minor is the only degree program of its kind in Canada to provide the skills to effectively navigate, analyze and communicate “big data” in the social science context.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

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Is there a minimum GPA required to apply for the SDA minor?

No, there is no minimum GPA requirement.

Are there required courses to take before applying?

No, there are no courses required before applying.

Can I take SDA courses without being enrolled in the minor?

Yes, if there is room in the course and with instructor permission.

Can an upper-division core course or elective be counted towards both my major and SDA minor?

No, upper-division courses (300-level and above) can only be applied to one degree program. However lower-division (100/200-level) core courses or electives can be counted towards both your major and SDA minor. 

Will the program always be restricted to 30 students per year?

No, we hope in the future to allow more students into the program.

How long will the minor take to complete?

The minor will take at least one year to complete, depending on course availability.

What is the selection process for student applications?

The program committee will evaluate applications based on how well the program fits with the student’s educational and career goals.

Can I apply courses that are not listed as electives towards the SDA minor?

Yes, students can apply up to 6 units towards the SDA program with the approval of the program director.

Do I need to have a major program declared before applying for the SDA minor?

No, students do not need to have a major declared before applying to the minor program.

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