The Department of Sociology and Anthropology has a small budget of funds for entrance awards and to assist students during their time in the program. Within the confines of this budget, the department is committed to providing financial assistance to all PhD and MA students.

To be eligible for any departmental funding that is not an entrance award, students must be enrolled in the program (i.e. not on leave), and priority will be given to those who are making satisfactory progress or better in their studies. It is department practice to treat all students as equitably as possible, and all students are eligible to apply for support as long as they meet the terms of reference for the award and have a CGPA of 3.50 or better.

The following sources of funding are available. The terms of reference can be found on the Dean of Graduate Studies website.

Information and applications for all graduate scholarships and awards are now online, and accessed through the Graduate Awards and Application System (GA3).

Special Graduate Entrance Scholarships (SGES)

A small number of entrance scholarships are available annually for incoming students. These are competitive awards given to the best incoming graduate students for full-time graduate study.

Graduate Fellowships (GFs)

Each year the department is allotted a number of GFs proportional to the number of graduate students in the department. These are one-semester grants (full valued at $6500, partial valued at $3250) from the Dean of Graduate Studies Office that are awarded to students who have applied, who qualify, and who have been ranked by the department based on status in the program, availability of other funding, and merit. The department adjudicates the applications based on the terms of reference provided by the Dean of Graduate Studies office.

Subject to budget allocation, the department makes every effort to provide at least one GF to students in the MA program and two GFs for students in the PhD program so long as they meet the minimum eligibility requirements.

Travel and Minor Research Awards (TMRA)

Funds for travel to conferences and research-related travel are available to support students during their studies. Priority will be given to students presenting an academic paper or conducting research relevant to the student’s prospective thesis project. There are normally two or three calls for applications each academic year. The amount of the award is dependent on many factors, including status in the program, previous monies received for travel, and the amount requested.

Dr. Ellen Gee Memorial Graduate Scholarship for Excellence

The Dr. Ellen Gee Memorial Endowment Fund was established at Simon Fraser University in 2002 by the family, friends and colleagues of Dr. Ellen Gee. The endownment supports the Dr. Ellen Gee Memorial Graduate Scholarship for Excellence that provides a financial award based on academic merit and record of public service contributions, to a Sociology or Anthropology student in their first year of graduate study at Simon Fraser University whose research focuses on family, gender, ethnicity, aging, health and/or social policy.

The award is tenable in the spring semester and valued at a portion of the interest earned on the endowment fund.  In 2010 the award was valued at $1,700.

You can see the criteria for the award here.

Dr. Ellen Gee was a renowned SFU sociologist and Chair of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. She was an authority on Canadian demography, the sociology of aging and the sociology of family, with over 100 scholarly publications in these subjects. Ellen was the heart of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology which she chaired for more than six years. Ellen meant a lot to a lot of people.

Dr. Hilal Ozcetin Conference and Research Travel Graduate Funding Application

The purpose of the Conference and Research Travel funding is to support the travel component of the scholarly activity of the SA graduate students related to their research. This funding is for reimbursement for travel only. Please review the Terms of Reference on the Application Form.
Please note: Each student may only accept one allotment of $500.00 per fiscal year (April 1 to March 31). All original receipts and boarding passes are required.

 Other sources of funding:

TA/TM & Sessional postings are here

Teaching Assistantships(TA)/Tutor Marking Positions (TM)

TA/TM positions (for both MA and PhD students) are available in the fall and spring semesters, but very few are available for the summer semesters.

Teaching Assistant Appointments (including tutor marker, marker and lab assistant positions) will follow the procedures laid out in the TSSU/University Collective Agreement and are subject to availability.

 In addition, the Department considers the following: 

1)       TA/TM position as part of admission agreement

2)       base unit accumulation

3)       TA/TM preference as indicated on the application form

 If an assignment with a priority group requires a selection between applicants, the graduate student without financial support from merit based scholarships or merit based fellowships during the semester of appointment will have priority for the appointment.

Sessional Positions

Sessional Positions are available to PhD students who have completed all program requirements save the dissertation (ABD). Allocation of these positions follows the policies established by the University.  

 Research Assistantships (RAs)

From time to time, faculty members in the department will have RAships available to graduate students. These positions are managed by individual faculty members and the Graduate Program Committee is not involved in the deliberation of these appointments.