PhD Anthropology Alumni & Defences



Golubović, Jelena

Zones of Violence: Serb Women inside the Siege of Sarajevo Senior Supervisor: Parin Dossa; Committee member: Michael Hathaway


Feindel, Pat

Voices from a Buried Past: Recovering Dis/ability Histories Through the Woodlands Memorial GardenSenior Supervisor: Dara Culhane; Commitee Member: Robert Menzies (Fall)



Cerny, Lesley

"The Colonial Dynamics of Health Care: An Ethnography in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside" Senior Supervisor:  Dara Culhane; Committee Member: Parin Dossa (Fall)

Ferenczi, Natasha-Kim

"What if there is a cure somewhere in the jungle?  Seeking and plant medicine becomings"
 Co-Senior Supervisors:  Marianne Igance and Dara Culhane (Fall)

Inglis, Kathleen
"The Social Life of Monitoring and Evaluation:  An Ethnography of the Monitoring and Evaluation of an HIV/AIDS Prevention Program in Ghana"
Senior Supervisor:  Stacy Pigg;  
Committee Members:  Michael Hathaway, Susan Erikson (Spring)

Shaw, Jennifer E.
"To Live My Life": An ethnography of cross-border life and kinship from the perspectives of Filipina/o-Canadian Youths"
Senior Supervisor: Parin Dossa; Committee Members:  Noel Dyck, Kathleen Millar (Spring)


Basi, Mandip

"Navigating the Medical Marketplace: Consuming Ayurveda in Delhi"
: Stacy Pigg; Committee Members:  Dara Culhane, Vinay Kamat (UBC) (fall)


Ashley, Sean

"Late for Buddha: The Construction of Dara’ang (Silver Palaung) Religious and Ethnic Identity"
: Michael Howard; Committee Member: Michael Kenny (summer)


Wangsgard, David
"Here We are All Brothers: Gender Relations and the Construction of Masculine Identities in a Nung Fan Sling Village"
Supervisor: Michael Howard; Committee Member: Marilyn Gates (summer)


"Validation and Constraint: A Discursive Examination of the British Columbia Land Question in an Era of Treaty Negotiations"
Supervisor: Noel Dyck; Committee Members: Dara Culhane, Marianne Ignace (fall)

Ignace, Ron
"Our Oral Histories are our Iron Posts: Secwepemc Stories and Historical Consciousness"
Supervisor: Noel Dyck; Committee Members: Dara Culhane, J. Archibald (spring)

Moretti, Cristina
"Stories and Landscapes in Milan, Italy: an Ethnography of Urban Spaces"
Supervisor: Dara Culhane (spring)


"Pharmaceutical Surveillance, Medical Research and Biovalue Among the Urban Poor"
Supervisor: Stacy Pigg; Committee Member: Dara Culhane (spring)


Cooper, Laura
"Conversations with My Sister: An HIV/AIDS Counterstory"
Supervisor: Parin Dossa; Committee Member: Marilyn Gates (summer)


Roe, Gordon
"Harm Reduction in an Epidemic: The Downtown Eastside and the Lost Opportunities of the HIV/AIDS Action Plan, 1998 to 2000"
Supervisor: Stacy Pigg; Committee Members: Dara Culhane, Michael Kenny (spring)