Natasha Ferenczi

Term Lecturer, Anthropology
Sociology & Anthropology


Natasha Kim Ferenczi completed her PhD in Anthropology in 2018.  She holds a BA Honors and an MA degree in Anthropology from Concordia University, and has studied Art History and photography at the University of Malta and Bishop’s University.  Her research interests fall within ethnobotany, medical and political anthropology, and experimental ethnography, with particular interest in epistemology, concepts of the relationship between social and physical environments, and traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) conservation.  Her SSHRC doctoral scholarship and President’s PhD funding has supported her ethnographic field research on translocal networks connecting Talamanca, Costa Rica, Kona Hawai’i, and Squamish and Vancouver, BC, and transnational movements of knowledge of plant medicines.  Her focus on the shifting meaning of traditional knowledge conservation in neoliberal and capitalist contexts, is framed within an analysis of subjective and material constructions of the environment and how they shape different relationships to place, landscapes and ecosystems. Her research unpacks concepts of plant medicine and knowledge conservation to address ontological politics in how conservation is constituted epistemologically.  This research aims to foster productive dialogue on ways to support TEK conservation, and the importance of ontological inclusiveness in the governance of biodiversity conservation.



PhD (Anthropology), Simon Fraser University
MA (Anthropology), Concordia University
BA Hons. (Anthropology), Concordia University