Undergraduate Programs in Sociology & Anthropology

Within undergraduate studies, students can choose to complete a minor, an extended minor, a major, a joint major, or honours program.  These program options are listed in the right hand menu. 

The Simon Fraser University Calendar contains all the regulations regarding your academic career at SFU. It is advisable to regularly refer to the current term's calendar to assist you in guiding you through your program and ensuring you understand your degree and program requirements.

Advisors are available to provide assistance; however, compliance with, and completion of, program and degree requirements is the responsibility of the student.

Declaration of Program

To be admitted into one of the Anthropology or Sociology programs, students must have taken, or be registered in the last of, the lower division required courses. Students must also have a minimum 2.0 GPA and upper division GPA in their SA courses in order declare, and to graduate.  

Indicating a Sociology or Anthropology program in your application to SFU does not automatically declare you in that program.

Please refer to the program pages in the righthand menu for details on required courses. Once you are enrolled in or have completed the last of the lower division requirements for a program, and if your GPA in SA courses is at 2.0 or above, please contact SA Advising at saadvise@sfu.ca to declare your program.

BA Requirements

In order to complete a BA in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, students must complete at minimum one major or two minors. It is also possible to do combinations of majors and minors, joint majors and minors, and so on. Keep in mind that you CAN double count courses between more than one major or minor program at the lower division, but you CANNOT double count at the upper division.

Please see the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences BA Requirements Checklist for more information about your overall degree requirements.

SA Course Units

At SFU, most undergraduate courses are either three or four unit courses. The number of units is determined by the number of in-class hours per week. While many departments have a mix of three and four unit courses, all SA courses are four units. Our 100 level courses have two hours of lecture per week, plus a two-hour tutorial. Most of our upper division courses are held as 4 hour seminars, once per week.

Because most transferred courses are three units, a student transferring into SFU may find they have all the specific required courses for a SA program, but do not have the same number of units as they would if they had taken all the courses at SFU.

To accommodate this discrepancy, the SA department allows transferred students to declare and complete SA programs if they have all of the specific course requirements, and are short no more than two units of what they would have if they took all of the courses at SFU. If a student is short more than two units, the student will need to take an additional course.

Certificates and Post Baccalaureate Diplomas

Certificates can be completed either on their own, or concurrently with a BA--they are not part of your BA. Therefore, you CAN double count courses between a certificate and a major or minor, at the upper or lower division. You CANNOT double count courses between multiple certificates.

A Post Baccalaureate Diploma is a program of 30 upper division units, and requires a previous BA. Students may consider a PBD if they would like to bring up their GPAs for graduate school applications, or if they would like to explore further studies in an area slightly different from that of their BA. The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences has a number of PBD options; the SA department has the PBD in Social Policy.