Cyberbullying at Canadian Universities

March 12, 2014



8:45-9:05       Opening remarks 

  • Welcome (Dr. Kris Magnusson, Dean of Education, SFU)
  • Merging research and practice to ensure safe, inclusive learning spaces (Dr. Terry Waterhouse, Chief Safety Officer, SFU) 


9:05-11:00     Morning presentations:

  • Cyberbullying among university students: Gendered experiences, impacts and perspectives (Dr. Chantal Faucher, Post doctoral fellow, Centre for Education, Law & Society, SFU)
  • The dark side of the ivory tower: Cyberbullying of university faculty and teaching personnel (Dr. Wanda Cassidy, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, SFU)
  • When on-line exchanges byte: An examination of the policy environment governing cyberbullying at the university level (Dr. Margaret Jackson, Professor Emeritae, School of Criminology, SFU)
  • Legal context for universities’ handling of cyberbullying – The Legal Framework for Addressing Cyberbullying in Post-Secondary Education (Carman J. Overholt, Q. C., Overholt Law, Vancouver)


11:00-11:15   Coffee break


11:15-12:15   Mixed stakeholder working groups (guided roundtable discussions bringing together individuals from the different stakeholder groups: students, faculty, staff, as well as university administrators and policymakers)


12:15-1:00     Lunch break (lunch provided)


1:00-2:00       Single stakeholder working groups (guided roundtable discussions bringing together individuals from similar stakeholder groups at the different BC post-secondary institutions)


2:00-3:00       Afternoon presentations:

  • MySpace or yours? An exploratory study of homophobic and transphobic bullying in cyberspace (Aynsley Pescitelli, Graduate Student, SFU)
  • No more cyber invasions: Learning responsible “digital citizenship” – A university ombudsperson’s perspective (Natalie Sharpe, Ombudsperson, University of Alberta)
  • Legal/policy analyst – Title TBA (Robyn Durling, Advocate & Communications Officer, BC Human Rights Coalition, Vancouver)


3:00-4:00       Symposium wrap-up

  • Feedback from stakeholder groups
  • Summary of the day and thoughts moving forward (Dr. Terry Waterhouse)
  • Concluding remarks (Dr. Pat Hibbitts, Vice-President, Finance & Administration, SFU, and Dr. Jonathan C. Driver, Vice-President, Academic and Provost, SFU)