SFU Visitor or Unpaid Student Health & Safety Incident Report Form

Note: If you are a paid SFU student, you must use the Workplace Health and Safety Incident Form.

For health and safety incidents involving visitors or unpaid students at SFU, the following health and safety incident report must be completed by the involved or injured person within 24 hours of the incident occurring.

If the involved or injured person is unable to complete the report, it may be filled out by another individual with knowledge of the incident. In this case, the person must provide their name and contact information in the "person incident reported to" section.

When submitted, a copy of the report is sent to the involved or injured person and the reporting individual (if applicable). EHS will review the report and contact the involved individual for further follow-up as required.

Involved or Injured Person Details:

Incident Details:

Witness Details: