Frequently Asked Questions

Do supervisors need to take both the employee and supervisor training modules?  +

No.  If a person supervises any staff they need to take the supervisor training and they do not need to take the employee training.

What date does the training need to be completed by?  +

The training should be taken as soon as possible.

Will the training be included in New Employee Orientation?  +

Yes, the requirement to take the training will be mentioned in New Employee Orientation.

Will work time be made available for the training?  +

Employees are certainly free to take time during their workday to complete the training. Like other time away from work, employees should inform and coordinate such time away from work with their supervisor.

I’ve taken similar training at another employer. Do I need to take SFU’s training?  +

Yes.  The training modules are specific to SFU’s Workplace Bullying and Harassment Program.

Will this on-line training be monitored or is it anonymous?  +

The need for this program comes from a legal requirement to comply with legislation, so the training is compulsory and Safety & Risk Services will monitor completion rates centrally to ensure compliance.

As a supervisor, should I encourage the staff to take the training?  +

Supervisors are expected to complete the supervisor training and to encourage staff to complete it, though we are not asking them to determine if staff have completed it. Safety & Risk Services will monitor completion rates centrally and communicate to departments where completion rates are low.   We will also be offering additional in person training for supervisors.

I am having trouble accessing the training modules. What should I do?  +

Please send an email to with a summary of your problem (include any error messages when applicable), your operating system(s), and web browser(s) used.

Are research associates required to take the training?  +

Yes.  Research associates are recognized by WorkSafeBC as employees of SFU and therefore are required to take the Bullying and Harassment training.  We understand that this is a difficult group to track; however it is the responsibility of their supervisors to inform them of the Bullying and Harassment training and all other safety information that pertains to their work at SFU.  SFU policy R 50.01 - University Research Associate specifies that "A faculty member will be responsible as Supervisor for the work carried out by such an appointee."  Faculty members who hire research associates need to be reminded that they are considered supervisors and as such, have responsibilities for safety as dictated by WorkSafeBC.  Information is provided on our webpage to assist Supervisors in meeting their obligations under WorkSafeBC.

Are visiting researchers, who are not on our payroll nor affiliated with SFU other than collaboration with a particular faculty member, also required to complete the training?  +

If the visiting faculty member is teaching at SFU or directing the work of SFU employees (e.g., faculty, TAs, research associates) then they need to complete the training.

Our department has a large number of volunteers and temporary seasonal staff, both SFU students and non-students. Are they required to take the training?  +

Volunteers are not considered employees of the University and therefore are not required to take the training.  Paid temporary staff whether students or non-students are required to take the training.

I have staff that do not have SFU Computing IDs. How can they take the training?  +

If employees do not have SFU Computing IDs then the supervisor(s) will need to provide them with information about SFU's Workplace Bullying and Harassment program as part of their new employee orientations.  Contact for more information.

Page last updated: March 11, 2015