Lock Out & Caution Tags

There will be three tags authorized for use, namely:

  1. Lockout Tag
  2. Caution Tag
  3. Information Tag

1. Lock-out Tag

To avoid confusion and to highlight the new system, a new lock-out tag will be used. This tag is a Brady Stock No. 09482 and has red and white diagonal slashes (sample attached). This Tag should be used in accordance with university policy and it is recommended that a multiple locking hasp always be used to facilitate the application of more than one lock. This tag should be used in accordance is to be used for personnel safety ONLY.

2. Caution Tag

This tag is mainly a yellow flag with the word 'CAUTION' highlighted in black. This is a stock Brady tag with no distinguishing Product Number. The policy for the use of this tag is located below. This tag is mainly used for equipment protection.

3. Information Tag 

This tag is black lettering on a white background and is to be used for information purposes only. The tag is an adhesive 4" x 2" vinyl rectangle custom made for our use. It is hoped that this tag will eliminate the misuse of lock-out and caution tags that has occurred in the past. It is anticipated that this tag will be used mainly for operational purposes such as EMS. It should be initialed and dated when applied.

While the use of these tags is fairly obvious, occasions will arrive where a combination of tags may be warranted and in such situations it is hoped that common sense will prevail and over application will not be a problem. If there is ever any doubt, the higher level tag should be applied (i.e. Information tag is lowest level, then Caution tag and then the highest level "Lock-out").

The misapplication of Lock-out tags will not be tolerated as it would take away from the absolute personal protection that lock-out must afford.

Caution Tag Procedure

Caution is synonymous with warning and/or alert. At Simon Fraser University, the reason for a "Caution Tag" is to warn or alert fellow trades people to a particular condition which DOES NOT INVOLVE LIFE SAFETY.

This tag is primarily used for EQUIPMENT protection where operation of that equipment could result in damage or destruction. Equipment is highlighted to emphasize that personnel safety is not involved.

Caution Tags may be applied and removed by persons deemed capable by Trade Certification. Caution Tags may be removed by other persons as well as the original person who applied the tag.

When the tag is applied, a brief reason for the tag should be written on it and it must be signed and dated. The tag is double sided so there is room to identify the person who removed the tag their signature and the removal date. Tags when removed should be returned to the fore- person/designate for filing or destruction. Shops may vary in their procedure for used tags as trade regulations may vary between shops.

Caution Tags are for one time use only.

Refer to WorksafeBC, OH&S Regulation, Part 10 for more information.